Maggie Van Der Toorn portrait photo.

Maggie Van Der Toorn

Maggie Van Der Toorn was born in Holland. When she moved to Italy in 1986 she knew very little of the language. She worked different jobs, immersed herself in the culture and learned Italian. She now thinks, dreams and writes in Italian. Her career in the arts began in 2012 when she developed, wrote and organized a musical entitled Animalestate. The musical was a success marking the beginning of her career. She has won many literary prizes and received special mentions. Writing to her means traveling, breaking boundaries, sharing with her readers even the deepest thoughts to find a meeting place that lies between words and imagination.

Maggie published Labirinti (L’erudita – Giulio Perrone Editore, 2014), Partenze (Edizioni DrawUp, 2015) and Posti a sedere (L’erudita – Giulio Perrone Editore, 2016).

Maggie describes herself as an “Emotioneer”; her words are thus infused with the emotions and feelings she experiences while writing; she sees herself as a nomadic artist, exploring reality and imagination from different points of view.