Carlo Deffenu portrait photo.

Carlo Deffenu

Carlo Deffenu was born in Sassari, on the Italian island of Sardinia. Since 2000 he has been living in the city of Alghero working in the food service industry. Past work experiences include being a radio host, working in a furniture store and managing a newsstand.

In 2012 he published the ebook, Un posto molto lontano da qui (Gruppo editoriale Mauri Spagnol) and in 2013 the novel Domani sarà un giorno perfetto (Farnesi Editore). In June 2015 Watson Edizioni published Il clan dei cari estinti, the first installment of a dark fantasy trilogy, followed in 2016 by the second volume, entitled La maledizione del cuore fantasma.

In March 2016 one of his short stories was published in the anthology Uno sputo di cielo (Watson Edizioni) that brought together twenty-five authors and twelve illustrators to raise funds for La Crèche, an orphanage in Bethlehem. Together with Giovanni Gelsomino, he organized and led a creative writing course at the maximum-security prison in Nuchis. Out of that experience came a choral novel, I ricordi non bussano, written by the inmates who took the course.

Carlo is currently working on several writing projects and he recently signed a contract for the publication of his latest novel.