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Who We Are.

Giulia De Gasperi portrait.

Behind Radici Translation and Wordcraft Ltd. there is Giulia De Gasperi who has had a passion for Canada in general and for Prince Edward Island in particular since she came here as an AFS exchange student in 1993-94. Giulia loves reading. After studying Canadian literature, both as an undergraduate and as a graduate student in Italy, a four-year stay in Edinburgh, Scotland, volunteering and interning in several different publishing realities, she decided it was time to turn her passion into her job and she has been incredibly happy ever since.

Radici Translation and Wordcraft Ltd. can be found in the city of Summerside. For those of you who don’t know, Prince Edward Island was home to Lucy Maud Montgomery, a gifted author who wrote many novels and short stories during the first half of the 1900s. Her most famous novel, although not her favourite, is Anne of Green Gables.

Radici Translation and Wordcraft was officially launched in November 2015, a combination of literary agency/writing services. With time requests increased so steadily that in May of 2017, Radici Translation and Wordcraft was incorporated and became Radici Translation and Wordcraft Ltd.


What We Do.

Our literary agency focuses on Canadian and Italian authors but will also take into consideration emerging and established, traditionally and self-published authors, as well as writers of all genres from all over the world.


We specialize in translation proposals of Canadian and Italian literary works to submit to Italian and Canadian publishers, respectively.


We translate literary works from English and French into Italian and we have professional translators for the translation of Italian texts.


We help you promote your work. We love to evaluate book ideas and projects. 


Stories are memories that must be shared with the Universe, because if they aren’t the Universe becomes a much smaller place.

Drew Hayden Taylor, Toronto at Dreamers Rock and Education is Our Right


What We Offer.

Reading and assessing is free of charge.

Once we decide to take a new client on, we ask for a fee to be paid at the signing of the agreement.

This fee, which is not refundable, is inclusive of:

  • One year representation;

  • Reading, editing and proofreading your work;

  • Researching and creating a list of potential publishers;

  • Preparing the material to send to select publishers;

  • Corresponding with interested publishers;

  • Updating clients on progress/sending updates;

  • Discussing and negotiating contract with both publisher and client;

  • Providing you with the best publishing deal(s) possible;

  • Everything in between.

If you have signed a Translation Proposal Agreement, keep in mind that a sample translation of your work can make the translation proposal stronger. Our agency works with a pool of professional first language literary translators. If you would like to add a translation sample to your proposal, do not forget to mention it when you first contact us. We will match your work with the translator we think suits you and your work best.

Translation fees are not included in the representation fee and clients will negotiate costs directly with the translator.

Costs for the remainder of our services will depend on the type of service you are looking for (Translation? Editing? Proofreading?), the length of the document(s), your deadline, … Send us a query specifying all your needs and we will send you a quote.


Our Services

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